Linux and FreeBSD on an IBM ThinkPad a22m

Hardware description

IBM ThinkPad a22m is composed of the followings:

Hardware adds

I've added the following items to my vanilla thinkpad:

Software Used

I use the following:


I've tried to compile in ATI rage 128 framebuffer driver in kernel (2.2), but as far I can't have it working.

X Server

This one has been, with framebuffer, one of the most complicated to configure. Firstly, the screen has a non-standard VESA mode (1400x1050), and the ATI Rage Mobility 128 seems to be not clearly supported under XFree 3.3.6; anyway, it works fine under 4.0.2.

Screen Configuration

I had to use the following modeline, borrowed from another ThinkPad user:

Section "ThinkPad-a22m"
	Identifier  "ThinkPad-a22m"
	HorizSync   40-100
	VertRefresh 50-100
	ModeLine	"1400x1050" 122.00 1400 1464 1784 1912 1050 1052 1064 1090 -HSync -VSync

Graphic Card

Simply using the following made it worked smoothly:

Section "ThinkPad ATI Rage"
	Identifier "ATI Rage 128"
	Driver	   "r128"
	VideoRam   8192

Lucent WinModem

Using the IBM website found Lucent Driver works just fine; anyway, it's not a GPL-ed one. The modules are loaded via

modprobe ltmodem
, and the modem acts like a serial device attached to

CrystalClear SoundFusion 4614

The soundcard of the ThinkPad worked as a charm using the vanilla Linux driver using the following in menuconfig/Sound:

<M> Crystal SoundFusion (CS4280/461x)

Anyway, it must be noted that when suspending ThinkPad use, either via FN-F4 or closing the notebook, the driver gives some errors and must be reloaded. Thus, putting the driver inside the kernel gives a need to reboot the machine each time you suspend it, which is probably not what you want.

Arnaud Launay

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